Peau Briller | Real Brightening Mask Quick brush up on its ingredients | Jasminahlove

This post is purely for the lovers of ingredients, so let me tell you one thing if your interested in brightening your skin and looking for fast results you may not need to look any further! This Peau Briller Real Brightening Sheet Mask works wonders and the ingredients may excite you like they did for me ha.


TonyMoly Apple Honey Cream |Korean Skincare | Jasminahlove

I recently found something nourishing and moisturizing for my skin. TonyMoly does wonders for my skin not only is there product consistent with effectiveness but there packaging is always on point! America's got it all wrong in the beauty department, Korean skincare is the place to play, live, make babies with it ha its simply... Continue Reading →

Be GONE Panda Eyes!

PARTY GIRLS DREAM STICK!! (NO SHAME IN MY GAME!) Loose the panda eyes like I did all with a simple lather or two. Okay so I really enjoy this TonyMoly product because it is light weight and sooo soothing in the mornings, especially after a night out with drinks!! Every now and then we all... Continue Reading →

Sheet Mask Heaven + D.I.Y 

Hello Lovelies, Lets talk about my recent purchases at nature republic, and boy do I have plenty of things to rant about, but guilty I've been buying these for over a year now. So I feel like I'm obligated to do a review on these bad boys! It's amazing how immediate you can change your... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!! 

Hey guys sorry I was MIA but I am now back! 2016 shared some interesting, challenges, and I can not wait to see what 2017 has is store for me. Like everyone says NEW YEAR NEW ME and that is just how I plan it to be this year and best of luck to me... Continue Reading →


Help! Ever since I started my new job I've been freaking out! Not freaking out as in the Job is stressful it isn't at all. its actually quite nice my coworkers are nice the boss may be a slightly annoying and rude without knowing it. His jokes are just so lame and for the past... Continue Reading →

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