Deep Nutritious Mask by 9Will

Hello my K beauty Krush's, Another day another mask! I'm here to do a quick review on a brand I have not heard nor seen before. The brand is called 9Will and cannot be found in the U.S. you're probably guessing well how did I come upon such a unique mask? To make it a... Continue Reading →

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Dèsembre Enzyme Peel Powder Cleanser

What is Dèsembre you may ask? It is a company based in South Korea that is also based in many different country's like France, Germany, Spain, USA. There logo Dèsembre stands for December in french. The concept behind the name is the coexistence of romance and healthy skin in the winter, helping the skin retrieve... Continue Reading →

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Be GONE Panda Eyes!

PARTY GIRLS DREAM STICK!! (NO SHAME IN MY GAME!) Loose the panda eyes like I did all with a simple lather or two. Okay so I really enjoy this TonyMoly product because it is light weight and sooo soothing in the mornings, especially after a night out with drinks!! Every now and then we all... Continue Reading →

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